Digital footprint | What's yours and why does it matter? - 2023 - Wattsnext Group

Digital footprint | What’s yours and why does it matter?

300,000+ digital footprint and growing. The wattsnext team collectively now has a digital footprint of 300,000+ across twitter and Linkedin alone. This doesn’t come easily, and the wattsnext team are continually working on further building this network. With so much effort going into developing this network, it goes without saying that we believe your digital footprint is very important. Although …

Cy Wakeman ft. Sue-Ellen Watts - No Ego - 2023 - Wattsnext Group

Cy Wakeman ft. Sue-Ellen Watts – No Ego

No Ego The amazing Cy Wakeman welcomes wattsnext founder Sue-Ellen Watts on her No Ego podcast. Join Cy and Sel on the No Ego podcast below:   What is no ego? No Ego, hosted by thought leader Cy Wakeman, will give you the tools you need as a leader to to ditch the drama, end entitlement, and drive big results in your …

Keynote Speaker | Sel Watts - 2023 - Wattsnext Group

Keynote Speaker | Sel Watts

A little about our founder and keynote speaker, Sue-Ellen Watts aka Sel Watts Sel Watts is known for her success building an Australia born consulting firm helping small to medium businesses and fast growth startups create high performance from the top down. Her expertise is dealing with Founders and entrepreneurs because she is one; and now she has taken her …

Wages vs salary - What's the difference - 2023 - Wattsnext Group

Wages vs salary – What’s the difference

Salary vs Wages, get the facts Although some people use the terms interchangeably, there is a clear difference between being paid a salary or a wage. The correct term must be used when talking about employee compensation. The basics A wage is the employee remuneration based on the number of hours worked, multiplied by an hourly rate of pay. These hourly rates …

An expert's insight - QLD Leaders - 2023 - Wattsnext Group

An expert’s insight – QLD Leaders

Wattsnext founder, Sue-Ellen Watts talks all things wattsnext and the evolution of HR and SMEs. Continue browsing our Media or try reading some of our Blogs.

My hot tip for growing your business - 2023 - Wattsnext Group

My hot tip for growing your business

Drum role please…………….. Recruitment campaigns should start in November! Yes, November. Before Christmas celebrations kick off and that last minute scramble to hit your yearly targets…..Campaigning needs to start right now! I know it feels uncomfortable, you are on the home stretch. You can hear the carols and smell the glazed Xmas ham’s roasting. Why would you add more tasks to …

Blind leading the blind! - 2023 - Wattsnext Group

Blind leading the blind!

After reading this blog, try reading Will you be the next big payroll scandal? Check out all our blogs here. Working in HR I am constantly reminded of how lucky we are to live and work in a country where the legislative rights of employees are so high. However, these strong employee rights can (and do!), unfortunately, come with frustrations …