You can learn a lot by asking your employees “anonymously” to describe your culture in 3 words.

This can be helpful in understanding what your employees think about the atmosphere, values, and dynamics of your workplace. It can help you to identify strengths and weaknesses in your culture, and to take action to improve it.

An anonymous survey can also give you insight into how well your employees feel they are being heard and appreciated. This can be especially useful for businesses that are going through changes or have recently implemented new policies. By understanding your employees’ perspectives, you can make sure they feel supported and comfortable in their working environment.

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Author: Pink Pichsinee Phungdet
After earning her Psychology, HR and Marketing degree from the University of Queensland, Pink has entered the HR world with wattsnext as an intern to explore her passion for people and HR management. Having to work with a few start-up tech companies, she can bring in her technological and marketing insights and be a future leader making a positive impact on the team.