Our story

wattsnext Group Founder

Sel Watts, has always been a future thinker.

From inception in 2007, Sel Watts had a very specific idea for wattsnext Group. She wanted to change the way businesses utilised human resources and evolve it from being the “personnel department”, largely focusing on policies, procedures, rules and boundaries into something strategic and a key driver in a business achieving its goals.

Over the years Sel has taken wattsnext Group from a bedroom start-up to an internationally recognised small business management consultancy.

With offices in Brisbane, Australia and New York City, Sel is committed to developing a team of talented consultants that provide commercial, practical and real-world advice and support to their clients. Whilst also sharing a load of valuable content with the broader business community.

While the core of their business remains to offer human resource services and management consulting to SMEs, Sel has become a specialist in mentoring CEOs and founders to increase engagement and performance in their businesses.

Sel and wattsnext Group invites you to become part of something special and unique. We invite you to join a HR movement that will not only change the way that you do business but may also influence the working world.


The heart of our business approach is explained best in the wattsnext Group mission. What is that, you ask? Simple. To create great workplaces, because we believe:

Ultimately, wattsnext Group works with clients committed to leaving the world better than when we all arrived! Who isn’t excited about that?

What we've learned about business

wattsnext Group has worked with hundreds of organizations over the past 16 years supporting them to unlock growth and performance of their teams and design great workplaces.

Over this time our Founder Sel (Sue-Ellen) Watts has heard consistently from Leaders and employees that:

As a Leader, I want my company to:

As an employee, I want to work for a company:

The consistency of this feedback has driven our continued commitment to our field because we want Leaders to create and employees to work, for companies that provide the best people experience.

What we VALUE

At wattsnext, our values come first. We believe that by staying true to our core values, we can positively impact the world. That’s why we strive to bring together the best people and resources to help us reach our goals.

Meet our extended family

Sel Watts


Ben Watts


Anita Dazzi


Esteé Schultz


Rebecca Armstrong


Kerri Craig


Meet our furry family

North Star




Because managing people requires trust

“Ben Watts is the trusted outsourced HR advisor to Aspen Group, an ASX listed company. He understands my organisation from top to bottom and provides insightful, accurate and timely advice to me and over 100 colleagues. His competitive advantage is a combination of intuition and straight-talk, Ben is essential to the success of our operating model and broader business.”

- Joel Cann | CEO @ Aspen Group

“Ben and his team at wattsnext have become our dearly trusted advisers in this space, helping us with HR but much more, being a partner to the partners with support, understanding, strategy, experience and guidance that has made a tangible difference to our leadership and given us greater confidence in key decisions around people and processes. It has been a fruitful and delightful journey so far and one I see lasting indefinitely.”

- Scott Oxford | Director @ New Word Order

“Marsh & Partners have been working with wattsnext for 5 years now for ourselves and by referring them to our clients who need HR Services. The team are down to earth and understand the big picture rather than just an issue at a time. They show us how to bring the firm and our team into the current workplace environment. To have a HR team behind you to support you whenever needed.”

- Bronwyn Condon | Partner @ Marsh And Partners

“If you are experiencing rapid growth or have an entrepreneurial flare, I suggest contacting the team at wattsnext. Being a small business themselves, they will understand you and their business acumen is second to none.”

- Simon Cuff | Managing Director @ MacGear

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