It’s hard to escape it – the Barnaby saga that is.

So as you listen to Turnbull’s delivery of the #bonkban, address, I’m sure you’re wondering if you should be rushing to do the same in your organisation.

Whilst there is a much higher scrutiny on ensuring employers have protections in place for employees, referencing the number of sexual harassment claims in the spotlight – banning relationships in the workplace may not be the answer, nor do I believe there is a one size fits all approach.

Regardless of whether you choose to take this approach or not, here are some questions you should be asking yourself:

  • Are you clear with your employees on the expectations of conduct in the workplace?
  • Do you have specific requirements around disclosure of potential conflicts of interest under their employment agreement?
  • Do your team understand what the avenues are to raise concerns (this may not just be for people directly involved, but also other who bear witness to behaviour that might be considered inappropriate)?

Beyond your policies and procedures, let’s take a reality check on the emotional intelligence of your team. How are you encouraging your team to enhance their own leadership capabilities to better judge scenarios and look forward to the potential impacts their behaviour could have on others, and also themselves.

So, what action can you take today?

With all the attention this topic is getting, it’s a perfect opportunity to refresh your team on your expectations around conduct in the workplace, and your grievance policy.

I was recently approached by ABC Brisbane to speak on the topic and the full audio is below



Need help?

We can help you to navigate through how you maximise this opportunity to get everyone on the same page. It’s better to do it now, than have to roll it out to the team when you find out you have two lovers in the mix (trust me, I’ve been there – it’s not fun for anyone!).

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