Christmas is sneaking up on us, and before we know it the laptops will be shut and the blur that was 2022 will tick over into 2023! Don’t forget to take this opportunity to show your team how much you value them before they head into some well-deserved down time.

As we prepare to wind up another year, it is imperative to check in with our people and set our intended tone for 2023. No doubt there have been highs and lows throughout, but you want to end the year on a positive note. Outside of the glaringly obvious, that it gives everyone the warm and fuzzy’s, it is imperative to retention. We see huge staff turnover throughout the Christmas period, particularly shortly after. This can be mitigated by taking the time to ensure that efforts are recognised, professional relationships are valued, and future plans are being set.

Below I have outlined some simple ways to incorporate some appreciation into your Christmas wind up…

One on ones – be intentional and set one on ones with your team towards the end of the year. Use this opportunity to wrap up projects that are drawing to a close, touch base on those that will span over into the new year and celebrate those amazing wins! Having an official chat with the boss can empower employees as well as inspire their future plans.

Get into the Christmas spirit – have a desk decorating competition, a Christmas bake off or an ugly Christmas shirt competition. Sharing in the Christmas cheer with a little friendly competition will bring some laughs and a sense of community. You could even add a trophy or prize that gets passed on each year.

Bonus time! – Everyone loves a little monetary boost; Christmas is the perfect time to show your appreciation. It is one of the easiest ways to show some love. For those who prefer to get creative in how you say thank you, consider giving the gift of time. Gift an extra day of paid leave to get some life admin done in the lead up to the silly season.

Based on our experience at wattsnext, employees going on leave with a positive mindset in December will set your business up for success in the new year. Yes, we are all a little weary this time of year, but as a leader this is your opportunity to send your valued team members on their Christmas break with a smile!

The team here at wattsnext would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Author: Kirsty Wilson
Kirsty is a human-centric leader specialising in relationship management, coaching and complex investigation. A strong focus on securing positive outcomes for our clients, but never at the expense of compliance. With over 15 years in large matrix organisations, Kirsty has the ability to deliver on our clients needs but also provide direct and concise advice when the situation requires.