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What we've learned about business

wattsnext Group has worked with hundreds of organizations over the past 15 years supporting them to unlock growth and performance of their teams and design great workplaces.

Over this time our Founder Sel (Sue-Ellen) Watts has heard consistently from Leaders and employees that they want:

As a Leader I want my company to:

As an employee I want to work for a company:

The consistency of this feedback has driven our continued commitment to our field because we want Leaders to create and employees to work, for companies that provide the best people experience.

‘I started wattsnext to change the way business looked at and utilised HR’

Because managing people
requires trust

General Manager

From 2015 to 2018 our business went through rapid growth and our team doubled in size. What became apparent to me was that the organisation as a whole would not be able to sustain this annual year on year growth. Our main inhibitor was our completely flat organisational structure, lack of clear roles and objectives, outdated policies and an employment contract that frankly wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on (even though they are never printed and only electronic). We needed support to sustain our growth.

We engaged wattsnext to do a gap analysis and to create a HR Strategy that aligned with our business strategy. They completed this initial project and we engaged them to project manage and implement the HR Strategy.

We implemented the following:

  • A new functional organisational structure
  • New PD’s (or Outcome Profiles as they call them) that had clear accountabilities and rolled up to the overall organisational objectives
  • New employment agreements and policies
  • Training and support for our new Leaders and Middle Managers
  • New HR frameworks for: onboarding, probation, performance, and communication
  • Behavioral profiling
  • Support as our HR Team as and when we needed it

This was a huge success, we caught up, sustained our culture and it allowed us to continue growing. We doubled again over the next three years and ultimately sold the business in 2021 which was our strategic goal. During the due diligence process, our modern and effective HR infrastructure played a vital role and I have no doubt contributed to our sale value.

Small business is tough, but I live by the saying “If you do the hard things today it will make tomorrow easier” our investment in wattsnext, HR, and our people made us a better and ultimately a more valuable business.

“Ben Watts is the trusted outsourced HR advisor to Aspen Group, an ASX listed company. He understands my organisation from top to bottom and provides insightful, accurate and timely advice to me and over 100 colleagues. His competitive advantage is a combination of intuition and straight-talk, Ben is essential to the success of our operating model and broader business.”

- Joel Cann | CEO @ Aspen Group

“Ben and his team at wattsnext have become our dearly trusted advisers in this space, helping us with HR but much more, being a partner to the partners with support, understanding, strategy, experience and guidance that has made a tangible difference to our leadership and given us greater confidence in key decisions around people and processes. It has been a fruitful and delightful journey so far and one I see lasting indefinitely.”

- Scott Oxford | Director @ New Word Order

“Marsh & Partners have been working with wattsnext for 5 years now for ourselves and by referring them to our clients who need HR Services. The team are down to earth and understand the big picture rather than just an issue at a time. They show us how to bring the firm and our team into the current workplace environment. To have a HR team behind you to support you whenever needed.”

- Bronwyn Condon | Partner @ Marsh And Partners

“If you are experiencing rapid growth or have an entrepreneurial flare, I suggest contacting the team at wattsnext. Being a small business themselves, they will understand you and their business acumen is second to none.”

- Simon Cuff | Managing Director @ MacGear