As I sat working on an upcoming presentation for a client about blog writing I reflected on the benefits of having a company blog and expecting employees to contribute.

At wattsnext it is a part of each and every employee’s role to prepare blog content for our social media platforms on a regular basis. For many of us within the team, when joining wattsnext it was the first time we had written a blog, or even been asked to develop website content as it is usually reserved for the marketing and communications teams.

There are a number of reasons why we find having a company blog a worthwhile investment of time:


Having every team member involved means employees that are usually not asked to represent the business in such a way are given the opportunity to be a part of something that publicly connects them, and their thoughts, with the business.

Team members often work together to proof read, brainstorm and provide feedback for each other’s blogs and then when the individual blog is published the article is shared amongst colleagues, clients and their networks through LinkedIn or direct sharing.


For me, it has been a great experience to get out of my comfort zone and put some of my thoughts and opinions down in writing and out there into the world. Having a deadline means we can’t procrastinate too long and also means we have to back ourselves and our work and provide a quality article that represents ourselves and our brand.

It is also a bit of a buzz to get positive feedback from your peers and your network on the content you are producing.

Thought leadership & Content Sharing

By having the whole team contributing to the company blog the topics, voice and opinions are varied and widespread. This makes for an interesting, current and thought-provoking blog which demonstrates the breadth of knowledge and experience across the team. The variety also means the content is likely to appeal to a wider range of readers and be shared more broadly across a number of platforms.

So, if you have been considering getting a blog up and running for your business, or your current blog is lacking in regular content because all of the development falls to one person or team – consider making every one of your employees a contributor and get your brand out there!

Author: wattsnext Group
The wattsnext Group blog is a compilation of ideas and expertise from the entire team, past and present with a few added gems from guest authors from time to time. With this collaborative approach, we can provide you with a broader perspective and high-level expertise across the small business landscape.