2021 recruitment market has been like nothing we have seen before. We experienced unexpected scenarios like multiple counteroffers to retain or acquire staff, 20% increases in salaries, candidates accepting multiple offers at once and then pulling out just before the start date (yes, it did happen more than once!).

Now, it has been hard to predict what the future holds for all of us for the past two years, so no point guessing what’s going to happen between now and mid 2022 – some are anticipating the so called ‘great resignation’ while others believe though market conditions are here to stay for a bit longer.

Whichever your opinion is, what we can tell you with absolute certainty is that if you are planning to have new staff on board as of January 2022, you must start recruiting right now! And you must be prepared for some compromises as the perfect candidates never existed and certainly is not waiting around right now.

We have listed below some things you may want to consider to broaden your candidate pool and have more chances to sell your vacancy to the right person for your team and your business:

  • What’s unique about your business and your team that you can leverage? Did you move into a brand new office, did you grow exponentially or acquired other businesses, did you launch a new product?
  • What’s the story that you can tell them? Why are you in business, what are your values, what are your plans? Yes, 82% of employees agree it is important that their organisation sees them as a person, not just an employee*.
  • What type of flexibility can you provide? Can the role be part-time, hybrid (from home or the office), remote? Yes, flexibility is no longer a perk but a given, with 55% of employees saying that whether or not they can work flexibly will impact if they will stay*.

If you want to discuss your recruitment needs and attraction strategy, contact wattsnext at 1300 092 897.

We will take the time to understand your business, your specific requirements and how best we can support you in getting your business ready for a roaring 2022!

*Source: Future of Work Reinvented