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Employee Engagement and Feedback Surveys

It’s that time of year again, Christmas is rapidly approaching. With plenty of time to squeeze more out of 2018, there is still no denying that time is getting precious. As the year speeds away, we encourage you all to reflect on the year past.  Think about the challenges you have overcome and the great achievements you have had along the way. And please, encourage your team to do the same!

An employee engagement and feedback survey can be a great opportunity to ask your employees to reflect on their experiences across the year. They provide valuable information for planning of future initiatives. Sharing a summary of your survey results can be a great activity to include as part of your year-end functions or team days. This demonstrates that not only have you asked for feedback, but you have actually listened. Show your staff that you plan to do something with this information. This can be a great way to realign team members and highlight that you care about what they have to say!

But what should I ask?

Aim your questions around key themes or areas of your business. Think about what you have been focusing on recently, or would like to focus on in the future. Ask questions that give you a general pulse check of culture. For example, if you have been working on providing development opportunities to your team, you might ask about how satisfied they are with the training and development they have received, or what development activities have then undertaken recently.

Some of our favourite pulse check questions are:

  • How long do you intend to stay with the business?
  • Are you likely to recommend the business as an employer?
  • How would you rate employee morale?
  • Do you believe there are career progression opportunities available for you to stay with the business long term?
  • Describe the culture in 3 words.

What’s in it for business owners and managers?

Not only do staff engagement surveys empower yours staff, and give them a voice. The results of your survey can be used to predict staff turnover, understand staff morale and job satisfaction, assess perceptions of management capability, review the effectiveness of projects and inform your people strategy for the year ahead!

Remember, it’s all about employee engagement and feedback. Listen to your people.

If you would like wattsnext to help facilitate your anonymous engagement and feedback survey and present the results to your team, get in touch today!

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