The end of 2021 is just around the corner. Let the celebrations begin!

Hopefully, the Pandemic is ready to give us some rest, but it has been another challenging year, and Christmas may not be a jolly time for everyone. So this is a great opportunity to connect with your staff one on one and make sure they are okay going into the break.

If you are planning a Christmas and New Year close down, please make sure you comply with the notice and annual leave request requirements under the applicable Modern Award.

Now the fun bit! An end of year party is a great way to show your appreciation to your staff, and there are a couple of tips to keep in mind.

Pre-Party Do’s

  • Send holiday party invitations – provide clear communication to all employees regarding details.
  • Set clear guidelines – ensure employees are reminded it is a work event. Therefore workplace policies, behaviour and code of conduct applies.
  • Consider a hybrid or virtual Christmas party.
  • Take party safety precautions
  • Plan games, activities and entertainment.
  • Make sure your event is COVID-19 safe

Pre-Party Dont’s

  • Make the party mandatory.
  • Ask employees to pay for the party.
  • Limit festivities to Christmas.
  • Throw separate parties for managers and employees.

At the Party

  • Provide sufficient food and ensure non-alcoholic drinks are available.
  • Ensure alcohol is served responsibly and limit the serving of alcohol to people who are becoming intoxicated.
  • Model good behaviours as a manager.

After the Party

  • If any employees have drunk too much at the event, as you have a duty of care for your employees, responsibility needs to be taken to ensure they can get home safely.
  • Clearly communicate to employees that any activities or continued celebrations that take place post the official function finish time are not endorsed by or the employer’s responsibility.
  • Have a clear finish time for the work event to support your responsibility.

Download a memo for your business and your staff below!