Before I joined wattsnext I worked in the hospitality industry for 15 years. I left school when I was 16 (couldn’t stand it) I believed I could learn more if I was out in the real world in a job learning new things that I wanted to learn…. definitely not algebra ha ha

In mid 2017 I made the decision to study Human Resource Management and pursue a career in the HR industry. After finishing my first unit, I applied for the role of HR Administrator and Office Superstar with wattsnext. Not long after, I received a call from Kateena Mills, our Senior HR Advisor at wattsnext.

The call was pleasant and relaxed and was ultimately focused on my reasons for applying for the role. This was different to what I had previously experienced during the recruitment process where I was simply asked a number of generic questions – this conversation didn’t feel mechanical at all!

Shortly after this, I was invited to the wattsnext office to attend an interview with two members of the team. Similarly, this interview felt relaxed and was extremely conversational. This allowed me to put my best self forward, as I wasn’t feeling under pressure! Luckily for me, I ended up being offered the role!

Throughout the entire recruitment process, I was updated regularly by the team and felt well looked after, which (in my experience) is usually missed by businesses! The interview process felt two sided, they were deciding if I was the most suitable person for the role, and they were also allowing me to understand if wattsnext was the most suitable business for me.

From the moment I arrived on my first day the team was excellent at making me feel welcome. I had my desk, emails and other accounts all set up ready to go so I could hit the ground running, which I was surprised at, as in the past I have typically had to wait at least a week to have these set up.

I also had a number of training sessions and meet and greets already booked into my calendar. This made it easy for me to see what I had in store for my first few weeks.

Every single team member introduced themselves and welcomed me, which really helped to make me feel comfortable in my role! I was buddied up with Gemma, our HR Officer who helped to guide me through my first few weeks and give me all of the information I needed to get started in my new role.

Whilst I was able to spend time talking to the team and getting to know everyone, it was straight into work from the get go!

My onboarding with Gemma was a lot to take in (like in any new role) but Gemma was diligent and always made sure I understood what she was saying. She made a point of frequently pausing to see if I had any questions and has continued to check in with me to see how I am going.

My first two months have been very full on (in a great way) and I’m learning lots about HR and how we apply HR ideas and the HR function to a business.

The approach wattsnext took to my onboarding was effective and efficient, and I feel as though I am thriving in my role because of it.

I look forward to seeing wattsnext for me!

Author: wattsnext Group
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