The shift to a remote workforce due to Covid-19 was so sudden that many organisations and employees were not prepared or set up for it. As a result, there are numerous challenges to overcome when implementing ‘flexible’ or ‘hybrid’ working arrangements.

Trust is one of the key factors when managing a remote or hybrid role. The employer needs to trust that employees are being productive at home, whilst employees need to trust that they are not expected to be ‘always on’.

What we have seen as a result of this shift, is the benefit of using remote or hybrid arrangements in attraction strategies, as well as a retention tool. Candidates are looking to better balance their work and life commitments and are reluctant to return to the office full-time.

With this in mind, wattsnext have created a list of ways to get the most out of these arrangements and Boost Attraction, Productivity and Retention!
  1. Start at the top – Having senior management model the behaviour. Lack of support from the top can impede the cultural shift.
  2. Focus on outcomes not hours – Allowing the autonomy to deliver the outcomes fosters employee efficiency, alignment, and empowerment.
  3. Establish tasks and activities that are synchronous – These tend to be things like bi-weekly planning meetings, where responsibilities, expectations, and deadlines are discussed and set, regular client meetings, one on ones and coach/feedback meetings. 
  4. Make clear agreements – Hold people accountable to deliver the outcomes, whilst allowing autonomy to construct their day to deliver.
  5. Experiment, review and adjust – It is unlikely the first arrangement will be the lasting arrangement, with time and some fine-tuning, the sweet spot where both employer and employee are happy will be achieved.

With the above points in mind and noting that flexible working has become increasingly important to candidates when considering a role.  Are you offering flexibility to your current employees? Considering using it as part of your attraction strategy? Or sitting on the fence unsure of wattsnext?

Flexible working arrangement strategies are kind of our thing, amongst all other things HR, so reach out to the team at wattsnext if you are looking to change the way you and your team work, we’ll put you on the right track with the tools and policies to give you peace of mind.

Author: Kirsty Wilson
Kirsty is a human-centric leader specialising in relationship management, coaching and complex investigation. A strong focus on securing positive outcomes for our clients, but never at the expense of compliance. With over 15 years in large matrix organisations, Kirsty has the ability to deliver on our clients needs but also provide direct and concise advice when the situation requires.