One of the most common pitfalls for organisations is the limited focus on developing their people managers.  So often, technically excellent staff members are promoted to management roles without being provided with the tools, resources and support to succeed within this new and often challenging position.

ignite.leadership is a program designed around the practical resources and tools that can can be applied to the challenges faced by your managers on a day to day basis.  This is no ordinary leadership program.

ignite.leadership covers six modules over a six month period so participants can transfer their learnings in to a work setting after completing each module in the program. This also allows you to maximize your return on investment and see changes in your middle-manager’s leadership style throughout the duration of the course, not just upon completion.

Our modules have just the right balance between the theory behind effective leadership, and more importantly how this practically translates to everyday management.

The structure of the program will also enhance the relationship between the participants and assist in developing a long-lasting support network well beyond the six months program.

Author: wattsnext Group
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