It is very well known that staff onboarding is one of the most important parts of the employee experience and recruitment process.

However, as much as the welcoming of new employees is very important, there is an area which is always forgotten, but equally important. It is called the employee exit process or off boarding.

When looking at the employee life cycle within your company, plan to spend just as much time developing the perfect off boarding experience as you do in creating the onboarding process.

Most companies that believe they successfully complete the off boarding process, usually don’t.

The off boarding process is much more than a hurried exit interview.

What is a successful off boarding process?

The offboarding definition can be defined as a predefined process that is implemented to seamlessly separate a company from an employee, ending on good terms (yes, this is possible!).

Why spend time and money on staff that are leaving?

On a social level, an employee is a person who was once so impressive that you hired them. It is important to give them that same respect when leaving. Another great reason to focus on the off boarding is that ex-staff talk, the last thing that the employee remembers is the last day. Leaving on a great note (no matter how the time of employment was) is a very memorable thing, which is usually past onto the staffs family and friends through word of mouth. This keeps your companies image strong.

Employees resign for many reasons. However, whatever the reason, employees who are on their way out have an abundance of valuable information. Take advantage of this, with a successful exit interview and you will be able to have access to their knowledge.

Another reason for implementing an off boarding process is to shed light on internal problems and challenges, as employees are more likely to be honest if they are leaving.

As a business owner, it is vital to continuously focus on change and growth. Employees exiting the company is a great time to sit down, have a conversation and make the changes for a better future.

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Author: Ben Watts
Ben is a veteran in the HR space- a forward-thinking leader specialising in functional business structures and people performance techniques. With twenty years’ experience managing large ASX listed corporates across multiple industries, Ben adds depth and expertise to our clients' strategy solutions, genuinely providing a commercial result for their investment.