When someone tells you they are going to Mars on a one way trip, it takes a moment for your mind to compute. Mars! Wow! Hang on a minute, did you say one way?

I can only imagine the questions that Dianne McGrath gets being a Mars One astronaut candidate. Please take a moment to look it up, it’s a fascinating mission.

After meeting Dianne, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. She is putting herself forward as a true explorer, to change our world. And whilst she does not want any accolades or stardom for her bravery, I am in awe.

There are so many mind-blowing elements to this, from the obvious one of how do you mentally prepare yourself and your family to say that last goodbye, to the physical preparation which is quite astounding and the 13 years of training required to prepare.

But what’s most interesting about this adventure is that without knowing it, Dianne has been training for this all her life. When she shared her educational and career history, it became apparent that it all leads to this. Being an astronaut that goes to Mars… one way (sorry, I just had to highlight that again)! She wasn’t actually training to be an astronaut, so she didn’t know it then, but every choice she has made was preparing her for this opportunity. An opportunity that, up until a few years ago, she didn’t even know would be possible – but that she can now take. She has been preparing for something BIG all her life and I think you would agree, this is pretty big.

It made me think. What has my entire life been training me for? What big opportunity is in front of me, or just around the corner, that I need to be in peak condition for?  Being at the CommBank Women in Focus Conference these last few days certainly helped me to get very clear on what I am preparing for, and what I need to do to be BIG GOAL FIT!

This incredible interaction with Dianne reminded me that life is not a dress rehearsal. This is not the time to stand back in the shadows and wait to truly live. We are here to be incredible. To give the world what no one else can, our unique and best self.

I have been in training my entire life for this. What else can I do but take the opportunity to live the biggest life I possibly can?

We all only have a one-way ticket, so best we don’t leave anything behind!


This article first appeared in commbank –  women in focus. To view the article click here

Author: Sel Watts
Sel, the Founder of wattsnext Group, is a visionary and inspiring business leader. With a deep passion for small to medium business (SMB), Sel brings gutsy honesty and commercial realism to the table. A true entrepreneur, Sel is committed to disrupting the way business owners utilise HR and increase performance and engagement. She is also curious about technology and the future of work, using her business as an experimental lab of forward-thinking methodologies to help her clients achieve peak performance. Sel is also the Co-Founder of multiple businesses and spends time coaching other business owners, keeping it real with her vast tactical experience of growing businesses. She also has a pretty interesting life story which you can check out at her personal website sue-ellenwatts.com.