As the wattsnext team transition from having a central Brisbane office into a co-sharing workspace, it is important to reflect on how this may shape our interactions.

At this stage it is more important than ever to ensure we stay connected as a team!

Last week we were fortunate to all participate in a team day full of lively debate and discussion. I love these days, as it is great to have face to face interactions where we can share our collective knowledge and experiences.  We will continue to have these team days on a regular basis throughout the year.

To ensure we maintain our connection as a team, wattsnext have put some structure around touch points with the business. With Monday and Friday mandatory meetings, people can easily schedule their week to ensure contact is maintained. It is clear and everyone is accountable.

We are embracing more tech on a daily basis. Using platforms like Zoom to easily communicate between Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

We’ve given our traditional Share ‘n Care a facelift, now to be held at lunchtimes with the whole team, which seamlessly transitions into team Twitter Time.

The opportunities and challenges of our new set-up will become more apparent as the weeks pass by. I am excited to share with you all how we are tracking and what we learn along the way!

Author: wattsnext Group
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