Do you have a quirky high performance habit?

Our CEO Sue-Ellen Watts has been changing her voice message EVERYDAY since 2009!

We asked her why she does this and she shared her 3 reasons for this quirky routine!

  1. It sets the expectations to the caller of when she can get back to them. If she is in meetings all day and unlikely to return the call until tomorrow the caller knows!
  2. She has to put on a happy voice first thing in the morning no matter how she is feeling. It sets the tone for the day!
  3. The discipline of needing to do this everyday created a habit which taught her any consistent daily activity can become a habit (good and bad).

Here is a bonus reason:

This also brightens up her friends day by enabling them to make regular prank calls to her to check what the date is that day. Something they never seem to get tired of!!

What quirky habits do you have that makes you more efficient and effective?

We would love to hear them!

Author: wattsnext Group
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