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Everyone at wattsnext Group believes that while start-ups and SME’s don’t need an internal HR person, as a leader your employees do need HR expertise to truly succeed. That is where we come in.

Every one of our clients receives the full breadth and depth of our teams combined expertise. Whether it be our Strategists, HR Consultants, Employment Relations Advisors or Recruitment Experts, every member of our team make your business experience seamless and serviced to take you to the next level.

Our team all work for an SME too so we understand your specific needs, your dreams and your challenges. We have been through every people-related issue that you are going through. We want to share our expertise but also our personal experience on how to build an engaged team that delivers for your business, and trust that some of the wattsnext magic dust will rub off.

The wattsnext Group team pride themselves on redefining contemporary workplaces by collaborating with your business for the long haul.

Business Strategy

If the foundations of a business are not strong there is little chance it will reach its goals.  We use tools and experience to help define and design your business so it is built to engage, deliver and succeed.

  • Business health audit (including workplace surveys)
  • Vision, mission, values
  • Functional structure design
  • Culture design
  • Executive role design

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Advisory & Coaching

No one starts a business because they want to manage people.  We know first hand that being a leader is one of the hardest roles we can play which is why it is imperative that leaders are supported.  We have been in your shoes and our support comes from real life experience, not a textbook.  

  • Business owner coaching
  • Advisory Board
  • Family business partners coaching
  • Leadership and personal coaching
  • Behavioral profiling

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People Performance

If we want our people to perform and be engaged at work we must set them up for success.  Our service ensures that your team has everything they need, and nothing they don’t, to exceed your expectations and stay with you for the long haul.

  • Onboarding and integration success
  • Performance review
  • Outcome profiles & KPI development
  • Effectiveness tools and training
  • Communication frameworks
  • Reward & recognition
  • Salary reviews & payment advice
  • Staying & exit interviews

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Risk and compliance are the essentials to bullet-proofing your business. Getting your house (or workplace) in order undoubtedly saves the headaches and heartaches of issues, disputes, conflicts and claims which are realities to all businesses. Whether you are getting in, growing up or getting out of your business, we can help.

  • Industrial & employment relations
  • Performance management & improvement
  • Terminations & redundancies
  • Conflict resolution
  • Employment contracts
  • Workplace policies & training
  • Award reviews

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Employing the right people for your growing business is critical, which is why we follow best practice recruitment processes, saving you time and money.

  • Recruitment by the hour
  • Full-service recruitment
  • Role design
  • Sourcing strategy and advertising creations
  • DISC profile
  • Recruitment in the box

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Because managing people requires trust

Peter Spryszynski

Country Manager at Q-bital Healthcare Solutions


I need to extend a big thanks to Anita Dazzi and Alisha McLeod from wattsnext Group for their help in filling our latest roles at Q-bital Healthcare Solutions (APAC). wattsnext are anything but traditional recruiters. They are a true HR partner in their approach which is critical to me considering our organisation and the roles we were seeking to fill. Anita made every effort to understand our needs, our business and most importantly our culture so the candidates they shortlisted would fit right in.

That matters. It matters a lot because our customers will benefit from the talent they've helped secure.

wattsnext Group's business model is very unique. It enabled our organisation to retain control of the recruitment process while they do set parts of the activity as if they were in-house HR team members.

I really like the model - I think it is innovative and very clever!

Ben Watts is the trusted outsourced HR advisor to Aspen Group, an ASX listed company. He understands my organisation from top to bottom and provides insightful, accurate and timely advice to me and over 100 colleagues. His competitive advantage is a combination of intuition and straight-talk, Ben is essential to the success of our operating model and broader business.”

Joel Cann | CEO @ Aspen Group

“Ben and his team at Watts Next have become our dearly trusted advisers in this space, helping us with HR but much more, being a partner to the partners with support, understanding, strategy, experience and guidance that has made a tangible difference to our leadership and given us greater confidence in key decisions around people and processes. It has been a fruitful and delightful journey so far and one I see lasting indefinitely.”

Scott Oxford  | Director @ New Word Order

Marsh & Partners have been working with wattsnext for 5 years now for ourselves and by referring them to our clients who need HR Services. The team are down to earth and understand the big picture rather than just an issue at a time. They show us how to bring the firm and our team into the current workplace environment. To have a HR team behind you to support you whenever needed.”

Bronwyn Condon | Partner @ Marsh and Partners

“If you are experiencing rapid growth or have an entrepreneurial flare, I suggest contacting the team at wattsnext. Being a small business themselves, they will understand you and their business acumen is second to none.”

Simon Cuff | Managing Director @ MacGear

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