SHRM is hosting a conference in New Orleans, USA, in June 2023 – and we eagerly look forward to having Ben Watts and Sue-Ellen Watts representing wattsnext and how they are bringing their global learning from Australia to provide cutting edge new HR thinking for SME’s.

In this session, Sel is one of the only two speakers on the ‘ChangeMaker Stage’ and she will share with you her inspiring journey of adversity and how it has shaped her career and life decisions leading wattsnext Group, and how she used her many learnings to now shape the influence of the #HRIndustry.

HR had to and must continue to step up and wear multiple hats to assist businesses and business owners in a time where they need it most to survive, and with the intent and purpose to thrive.

What has become very clear is that businesses rely on HR to align their resources to the organisational goals – HR are those that ‘put out the fire’ and are the problem solvers through all things Covid, however, we must now look to HR to cause the effect and have forward-thinking approaches (being proactive rather than reactive) for businesses to experience the plethora of benefits that can be yielded through best practice HR!

Save the date, 13th June 2022 at 10:30 – 11:30 am Central Time in New Orleans.

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