Well run businesses don’t need to worry about TikTok trends!

This TikTok ‘quiet quitting‘ phenomenon is very interesting to observe… from a HR professional and business owner perspective, I have conflicting thoughts.. I am getting asked a lot to comment and talk on this, but I do like the lovely Arianna Huffington (who I saw do an incredible keynote at SHRM22) call for joyfully joining! 

Quiet quitting is certainly a subset of the ‘Great Resignation’. In my opinion a coward’s version… a less courageous soft option! I personally believe that employees should raise their concerns with their manager. If their issues are not addressed and they are not being made to feel like they belong, then bravely join the ‘Great Resignation’ and joyfully join an organisation that will!

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Don’t get me wrong, some poorly run businesses have leveraged fear throughout the pandemic years and deserve their overworked teams to undergo ‘quiet quitting’ in protest. Leveraging fear is a very poor and lazy management practice. 

I strongly believe the majority of legitimate businesses, who have worked hard through non-familiar ‘work from home’, hybrid and tough economic conditions, don’t deserve to be ‘quietly quitted’ upon.

In business, we all need to be outcome focused, not time or hustle focused, that is a fundamental mistake that can lead to long hours and overworked teams. Outcomes should never be time or hustle focused, meaning any extra effort should be an individual’s choice never an expectation. 

In a well lead business with a strong culture and values ‘quiet quitting’ becomes an excuse and not a viable choice.

If business owners have exploited COVID fear, this is poor people management and a horrible practice. The current conditions (in Australia) of less than 3% unemployment, low immigration, and a general lack of available talent, fuel this type of viral impact on the workforce. 

Rest assured the economic conditions will turn and the ‘quiet quitting attitude will evaporate like droplets on a steaming hot QLD roof! 

Attitude is everything in the workplace and cultures depend on positive attitudes. I personally hate cutting corners or taking the easier route, it just isn’t me and goes against my personal values. I hope people reflect and make their own choice; they need to think through their actions when they see this vital TikTok phenomenon. 

Business owners, executives, or employees, be wary, your attitude toward ‘quiet quitting’ will likely impact you in years to come.

I think business owners & senior executives need to reflect on their management practices to see if they are fuelling this trend.

Well run businesses don’t need to worry about TikTok trends!

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Author: Ben Watts
Ben is a veteran in the HR space- a forward-thinking leader specialising in functional business structures and people performance techniques. With twenty years’ experience managing large ASX listed corporates across multiple industries, Ben adds depth and expertise to our clients' strategy solutions, genuinely providing a commercial result for their investment.