There’s no denying that HR has vastly grown in recent years. Once upon a time, HR was known as record keepers, the “fun police” when it came to company regulations, and/or compliance or wage/payroll officers.

But today’s businesses acknowledge the need to move their HR function away from focusing on personnel management and administrative tasks, and direct their energies to managing employee engagement and strengthening their workplace culture. The smarts ones see the benefits in ensuring their teams are happy at work and will continue to stick around for the foreseeable future.

As a business that works with a lot of SMEs, wattsnext understand that small companies with limited head counts can find themselves overwhelmed by HR and its growing demands. If you’ve got CEOs and General Managers stretching themselves to cover the HR function, or you’re like 80%* of other businesses who believe their company’s HR skills are lacking, it might be a sign you need help. Here are our top reasons to outsource your HR:

  1. Save money
    Outsourcing your entire HR function can often provide you with human resources experts at a much lower cost than would be required for an internal HR practioner. You will also save on external training costs that may come with an in-house HR team.
  2. Control legal risk and improve compliance
    One lawsuit against your company can be enough to put you out of business. The beauty of having an external team of experts mean that you can have true peace of mind around avoiding unnecessary financial and legal exposure. Prevention over cure!
  3. Save on software
    External providers will have their own software to manage employees, and to develop and implement the necessary tools and frameworks.
  4. Gain greater HR expertise
    Outsourced HR can work with your current team to build their HR knowledge and skills. While we’re there to essentially take the grunt work off your hands, the best value will be found in developing a true understanding of why HR related know-how is so important to any business.
  5. Employee satisfaction
    HR, when done right, can help minimize and correct inefficiencies (such as high turnover, low morale or lack of motivation) that cost your business every day.

At wattsnext, we know (from operating for more than 10 years) that HR truly is the cornerstone of growing any successful company and ensuring it’s stable and protected. Let us help!


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Author: wattsnext Group
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