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How often do you hear this? The other catch cry I often hear and read about is work life balance! So what’s all the fuss about? What are the benefits and why isn’t your organisation embracing this modern HR Management strategy.

A Galaxy study by software firm Citrix found that while Australians are keen to move from 9-5 work schedules, many employers where simply going through the motions.

The survey showing that only 44% of workers had access to flexible working arrangements despite 72% saying they wanted it.

So what are the benefits I hear you ask?

Well from an employer perspective a flexible employee will not shy away from a task that is above their pay grade, or beyond their description, nor will they mind putting in the extra hours to accommodate the business’s needs.

From the employee’s perspective, flexibility is sought as a benefit that enables freedom and autonomy to pursue more meaningful work, reduced commuting times and a balance between work and family.

From both sides of the coin, having workplace flexibility can help you achieve the holy grail – Employer of Choice!!!!!

Let’s explore this further. As a business leader you should look to maximise the human potential of your employees, provide strong support and foundations for them realise their full potential.

From my own experience providing a flexible working environment promotes engagement, productivity, retention and higher morale, all of which are awesome HR tools to achieve this goal.

“Only 44% of Australian employees have access to flexible work arrangements!” Citrix Survey

So how can you implement and manage work place flexibility effectively as an employer? Read on!

  • Utilise technology to full effect! This promotes, facilitates and enables WPF.
  • Have outcome based deliverables rather than time based ones. Throw away that job description and replace it with an Outcome Profile.
  • Clear and concise measurements that are agreed upon by both parties.
  • Trust! This is so important and can be achieved through transparency and regular check ins.

Start with this and your well on your way to achieving awesome workplace outcomes.

As an employee don’t be afraid and ask, but just don’t ask because you want to work from home, so you can watch Dr Phil while eating your smashed avo on toast! Tell your employer why you’re asking, provide solutions and reciprocal benefits for both parties.

Good employers will be open minded as work place flexibility will become the norm in years to come.

Naturally there are challenges, there is always one who will push the boundaries and not respect the benefits these agreements can provide. Make sure you have a clearly defined policy that is forward thinking, considers not only IT / Security factors but also the culture of the company as this policy requires leadership to be successful.

It is no longer “business as usual” but rather “change as usual”.

I have personally benefitted greatly from such a policy working at wattsnextgroup. I’ve been charged with managing my own time to achieve the agreed outcomes. I feel empowered, I am in control and often work more hours than required but I love it because I am producing great outcomes for the company.

So forward thinking HR Managers for the Modern World get onto this and make your workplace more productive now.

It is no longer “business as usual” but rather “change as usual”.

Simplicity sticks Complexity rejects, remember #HR rocks! #HRfortheModernWorld

Author: wattsnext Group
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