When a team member comes to you with an issue with another team member, what to do next can sometimes be a daunting task! It can seem the best option is to put it on the “to do” list and deal with it once all the “important” issues are finished.  DON’T DO THAT!

Aside from the fact that it’s against the law, it is better for you and your business to make dealing with this issue top priority.  Issues with team members can cause friction between all staff, limit productivity and chip away at your culture.  Customers can sense this to, which reduces the customers experience and can send them to your competitor.

For the employee, you just never know how affected they are by what is going on at work and just how serious a matter can be until you investigate it.  Every manager wants to ensure they are providing a safe and healthy work place and this means removing anything that jeopardises this.

Acting upon an issue as quickly as possible is always the best option for everyone and every issue should be investigated.  Ensure that you document all your discussions and keep records.

Remember, the friendly team at wattsnext HR are always available to provide you expert advice and can assist you based on your experience and need.  Our services can be tailored to you, ranging from being in your business conducting the investigation up to assisting you remotely over the phone with advice.

Author: wattsnext Group
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