In our 4th webinar of the New and Middle Management Series, Clint will discuss what delegation is all about and provide some frameworks on how to delegate.

You may remember that in our first session of the series, we have mentioned that as a manager, you should give up the doing to move more and more into the managing of people to ensure that they are doing the doing. This requires a lot of work and practice, an understanding of how your people tick and the ability to train them to deliver what you expect from them.

Most new and middle managers struggle with this core area of management at some point, and we have seen the challenge raising even more with teams working from home  – permanently or in a hybrid model.

In working with our clients, we have spoken frequently about trust and the Patrick Lencioni Pyramid that was introduced in this series in our 4th session. Without trust, delegation becomes pretty much impossible, and remote working has in some instances reinforced the level of trust, but unfortunately, more often than not, we have seen trust reducing with managers and colleagues scrambling for visibility.

If you are curious to hear more about this topic, tune in Friday 12th November at 10.00 am by registering at